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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Gorges and Cole aren't centers.
Remember how PK said it's good for him to be able to watch Markov play? Same thing for MaxPac, remember how he said playing along side Cole helps his game?
Maybe you didn't notice, but Eller's game became more and more like Plekanec's (especially defensively) as the season went on.

Plekanec is a good presence for coming centers, and none of the ones we have demonstrated that they can fill in Plekanec's shoes.
Yeah, I remember that. However, Eller had that kind of game in himself. Plekanec didn't have anything to do with that.

Besides, if we have a season, it's far from given that DD won't clearly outperform Plekanec. DD ending up being a PPG player is clearly in the realm of possibilities (however unlikely; ending up with a .85 or .9 PPG is more realistic). That (1 PPG) would make DD untradeable, and 0.9 PPG would make him virtually untradable, unless Plekanec ends up in the same "range" of points. And, let's be reality here : both ending up in 0.85/.9 PPG range is pretty much impossible, unless DD or TP is switched to wing next to the other. And that won't happen.

If anything, it might comes down to how much DD will want to get paid this summer... which will mainly depend on his play in 12-13 (if play there is).

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