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11-04-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by sw1tch View Post
you have said in several posts itt that because the Kings had never won a cup, that had an effect on how the team would perform in the 2012 playoffs. Which is just an absurd line of thinking and is never going to win you many arguements

You also conveniently skipped over this link
I'm still lost with where you are going on this....I'm thinking you are basically saying that it was ridiculous to assume the Kings would not win a cup or do well in the playoffs based on their 44 years of futility?

yeah, you look pretty smart saying that now...what about the previous two years? And, what does that say about 95% of the hockey experts out there who felt the same way? Show me one person predicting the Kings would win the cup back in December? And why not? Many factors, and yes, their past history would have a part in that....a BIG part.

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