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Originally Posted by Vashanesh View Post
Does anyone have recommendations for skating lessons this winter?

I'd prefer to stay in the SE metro area (St paul, Eagan, IGH, etc). I'm *OK* now, but I can't skate backwards, my crossovers suck, etc. I'm also really guilty of skating on my ankles.
I don't think you need to spend money on lessons. Buy a hockey skating dvd, hopefully you already have a camera, and record yourself on an outdoor rink. It's the best way to critique yourself whether your a hockey player, weight lifter, dancer, etc.

I grew up a figure skater till about 3rd grade. Then I didn't skate again until I wanted to go play puck with the boys when I was 20 (24 now). It was weird with hockey skates, but with a season going about three times a week by myself I progressed where when I play puck some guys asked if I played hockey when I was younger (my stick skills are dec because I was a lacrosse player). Really work on being low with those good angles in your knees and not letting those skates bow in. Correct fitting skates are a good sock is key too. Do you cross over's slow.

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