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Originally Posted by chessarmy View Post
I think my Devils team is basically the same as real life. All I really did was add some scoring depth, which the real Devils need to do anyway (to replace POS Parise). In 2 seasons I've added 3 players via trade, and 3 or 4 more via free agency (but all of them depth guys, and one a goalie because Hedberg retired)

If I get run over by a truck and someone else takes control of New Jersey they'll probably be okay with the roster

My Bruins are the same way. Traded off Thomas for Kulemin when Seguin went down last season and took care of 2 things at once, with Rask stepping into the #1 spot and needing some scoring with Tyler out for the rest of the season. Let Marchand walk in the offseason with being RFA and wanting 5.8m per, along with Commodore. Picked up Bertuzzi and Lovejoy to fill in/replace those 2. I think in the unlikely event I stopped playing, BOS would be in pretty good shape.

Personally, I really think the league only needs 2 trades in total, to be used at any time. Nearly every one of the trades made have involved big names, which is pretty unrealistic. Granted, everyone has their preferred players, but there is almost too much flexibility.

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