Thread: Injury Report: Jonas Brodin and Mikael Granlund
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11-04-2012, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Maxwell Goldshadow View Post
What, direct hit aimed at head from behind at full speed is "what he should've done"? Then what differentiates Taylor Hall from Raffi Torres or Matt Cooke, other than draft position?
I dont like coming to other teams boards and commenting... but geeze

1) didnt make contact with the head
2) wasnt from behind
3) wasnt at full speed (he was coming in quick but nowhere near full speed)

It was a loose puck both players were going for and Brodin put himself in a bad position while Hall didnt have time to react.

I would love to hear what your actions would have been in that situation if you were Hall and how theyd be different, starting from when he started skating for the loose puck. What would you have changed that wouldnt allow Brodin to escape and make a play.

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