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11-04-2012, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Not really bleak. This is why many other people, including myself, point out to people that they shouldn't be moved because they are in a prime position to get a stronger following in that area. They finally have an actual team coming together. Before this year, they weren't in the playoffs for 10 or so years. What non-traditional market coud withstand that?

They have a good team coming along with a bunch of good prospects. Great time for that franchise
I have a cousin who lives down there. She says the area is mostly all about basketball (and some baseball and football). Even when the Panthers were winning, everyone focused on the other teams which have had more success now and in the past. She said hockey just is not a big thing down there, no matter how they do. She isnt really a sports person, but she said her and her friends had a chance to go to the Heat or Panthers game, and currently the easy decision was the Heat.

Seems that the culture down there is also a main thing to consider. In the spanish areas (which Florida has AlOT of), seems like basketball is liked a lot.

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