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11-04-2012, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
So essentially what you are telling me is because Desharnais is one-dimension, because you don't think hed be a good winger, because you don't want him to play with other players, that we should re-organize the rest of the lineup in order to accomodate him? It's pretty ridiculous the lengths we are willing to go to ensure that Desharnais gets to play his game while trying to re-organize the rest of the team. If Desharnais can't fit in the long run, then he is the one that should be moved rather than others moving to accomodate him.

We won't know if he'll be a good winger until we try. We won't know if he'll be good with other wingers until we try. But we have to do this. Why is everyone so scared of moving Desharnais out of his sheltered role? I mean its really mind-boggling how people are just so adverse to playing him outside of his little shell, which I really do think has to do with him being a local guy.

There is aboslutely no reason why changes should be tried out and no reason we can't just keep Desharnais, Eller, Plekanec and Galchenyuk on one team.
The day we decided to move some d-men to the other side was the start of a big mess for us. As pros those guys are, some are just unable to move. Dixit Spacek and Co. First, people who think DD is solely one-dimensional are just blinded by his lack of size. What DD can be good at owerpowering his opponent, he often outwit them. So he knows where his defensive zone is. Of course, it won't be his forte, he is mostly an offensive player....

Reason why I want him to stick there it's because it is succesful. And because in 1-2-3 years if he stays the same, while DD is younger, and while Pleks will be getting older, chances are the return for Pleks might still be greater for the versatility he brings so the TEAM, our team, will end up being better by keeping 1 guy who does the job, and 1 or 2 others and/or picks that will eventually make us a better team. Like I did say, I would keep the status quo for now, there is NO WAY I want Pleks out this year, and maybe not even the next one. It is pretty clear as far as I'm concerned.

Oh and test him on the wings all you want. I'm not here saying that the day Therrien tries him on the wings, I'll call Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and start a manifestation.....Just saying, I don't believe it will work and we will have to go back to square one. Hey, they can still, again, test Eller on the wings if they like. Yet, don't believe in that either. But to me, it has a better chance of working than DD. Which small players are great offensively and are small? The ones that are either incredibly fast or incredibly strong. Or Incredibly good. Don't believe DD is any of that....AND on top of they are all taller than him. Maybe not Gerbe, yet, still waiting to see if he'll ever be great offensively in the NHL.

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