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11-04-2012, 04:30 PM
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Defense is butt.

Offense is alright. I keep thinking of how they had several opportunities to score a TD today, but messed it up by calling screens, pitches that didn't work, running plays to RG3 which got stuffed (Hey, we're going to have him run to the right! No one will see that coming!)...there were just too many to mention. Penalties, bad offensive playcalling, and crappy defense which allowed a like 70 yard play...when the Panthers were scrimmaging DEEP in Redskins territory. It was the first damn play of that drive, and Edwards just torched everyone.
Wow. Mike Shanahan "now we have a chance to evaluate players". Translation - season is over
I said this team had the potential for 7 wins. With another mid-season slump, it looks like this team may go back to 5 wins, or 4.

It's clear that the team doesn't have the weapons RG3 needs. He is doing very well. He has no help at all. His defense is poor, his offense can't make catches, or he's held back by ignorant playcalling obsessed with calling screens and pitches and option plays which DON'T WORK on 3rd down. It's very frustrating for Redskins fans to go through this year after year.

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