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11-04-2012, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
True, i'm just basing my view on the fact that i believe Redmond and Postma have more questions - as NHL prospects - then i believe Trouba does. My view is the 'good' that Trouba brings (size, physical play, shot, excellent skating ability, some offensive upside), far out reaches what Redmond and Postma bring. Two years down the road, that should be even more apparent.

I'm not sure Postma will be a solid, regular NHL defenseman when the season finally does start. Offensively, he's likely fine, but i'm not sure he can be trusted defensively. Noel will no doubt shelter his minutes and match-ups, and he'll see spot duty on the power play, but i'm not sure he'll develop into more than that. Redmond seems to be best case, a RH'd Stuart, which isn't awful, it's just that Trouba has top pairing 'potential'. No guarantees he gets there either, but that potential is far greater than the other two, imo.

They may want him in working with Charlie Huddy sooner, rather than later, too.

Now if Buff stays, and Bogo continues to develop, and Postma or Redmond become competent NHL dmen, then potentially 'rushing' Trouba isn't necessary either. My belief is Buff will not be here in 3 years and Trouba will slot into the top 4, very nicely.
You gave me some fun stuff to look up and compare but I think I'd be pushing this way off topic, so I'll move my response to the prospect thread -- if you actually want to read... which you may not even care hahah --.

To summarize I agree and don't think anyone wouldn't Trouba > Redmond/Postma potential wise, but I think both Redmond and Postma are all but NHL regular ready already. Although neither may be more than a third pairing D, I think it may take 3 years for Trouba to be heads above and beyond them; what I mean is I don't think Trouba will be on the team for a full season until he can make our second pairing, just like I don't think Scheifele will make the team until he is a top6 guy (or top9 depending on how the team is setup). Of course progression is never linear and defensemen are even more unpredictable than most, so who knows.

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