Thread: Proposal: Backlund v/s Horak
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11-04-2012, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
I think its a stretch to call Backlund a 'great' 2-way center at this point, but regardless I know what you meant. I'm not saying let's ship Backlund out either, but if you look at available spots in our lineup someone needs to be the odd man out. I to would not of signed Stemps even though I like him, I don't think that move made any sense. My main point is, if season starts up and Horak is clearly out performing Backlund, I would be pissed if Horak was returned to the Heat due to a numbers game.

I mostly wanted to see what would acceptable value be for Backlund to our fanbase if that scenario plays out.

I think a Sven-Backlund-Horak line would be a great idea. However 1-2 trades would need to be made IMO to roll with that as a 3rd line.

Tangs Cammy Iggy
Glencross Cervenka Hudler
Sven Backlund Horak
Comeau Stajan Jackman/Stemps

That's also not even counting Jones. Then there's guys like Bouma, Nemisz and Aliu.
Personally I don't think Cervenka will end up playing here if the lockout lasts a year and I think Stajan will find his groove under Hartley so that atleast gives Jones or Bouma a spot.

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