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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Actually it makes much more sense to move Desharnais around in the lineup for the benefit of the whole team then to re-arrange the entire rest of the lineup to accomodate Desharnais.

The centre position is extremely important in this game. Having a two-way centre is just as important as having a pure offensive centre. Plekanec is one of the premier two-way centre's of the game, trading him would just make a hole in the lineup.

Also, even if he does get traded, someone still has to handle the defensive load and the tough matchups given that Desharnais can't do so and the last thing I want is someone like Galchenyuk getting stuck with these matchups and falling into the same spiral of crap Plekanec has, which is to shoulder the burden so that everyone else can get softer minutes. It really makes no sense. A centre lineup of Plekanec, Galchenyuk and Eller is much stronger than one of Desharnais, Eller and Galchenyuk (of course assuming Galchenyuk develops into what we expect to be). The former trio of centres can be thrown out against any line in any situation, there will still be need for matchups, however, the coach has a wide variety of options. In the latter trio, there is less options as Desharnais' defensive short comings means he needs the match ups. We'll end up with the same situation as last year where we have one centre playing an overwhelming majority of his starts in the defensive zone, while having another playing an overwheliming majority of his starts in the offensive zone. This is not a balance.

We've already have recieved some tastes of Desharnais playing wing in his first season and he didn't look out of place at all. I really so zero problem moving him to the wing if that is what is necessary. Why people freak out with such a suggestion is mind-boggling and the only real reason is because Desharnais is a local boy and everyone wants him to get the spotlight. Having Desharnais on the wing and having him produce there can be a double advantage as it gives the team options in case of injuries. Boston did just fine with Peverely, Kelly, Seguin, Bergeron and Krecji all as centres. It gives them excellent depth and is part of the reason why they are such a strong team.
DD was top line and was accomodated because he actually outproduced TP.

The outproduction was actually way bigger than end-of-the-year numbers tell -- DD being on 3rd line duties until game 20 or so.

Look, in the best world, DD would end up having a role similar to Daniel Briere in Philly (while hopefully making much less money). However, until then, and because there isn't much people aside from this board who are absolutely convinced that Tomas Plekanec is a bona-fide no 1 in that league anyways, DD deserves at least another shot at being the go-to center of that team for offensive missions, because he did pretty well last season.

And don't fool yourself -- he'll get that chance to be this player, regardless of what this board thinks or says.

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