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11-04-2012, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Phil Simms hates the Giants because he's been replaced by Eli. I think it's really that simple.

He's a pompous *******. Give me Troy Aikman as a commentator any day of the week when doing a Giants game.
Come on man. Phil Simms loves the organization. If there was ever a QB Simms should hate it's probably Hostetler for getting all the credit for 1990.

He's in a tough spot doing a national game because everybody knows he's a Giants homer. Listen to him on Boomer anbd cartonb -- he waxes Eli's pole every chance he gets.

He's done like what, 10 Giants games his entire CBS career?

Aikman is the biggest anti-Giants turd in the toilet.

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