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11-04-2012, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Chazz Reinhold View Post
You earlier in the thread:

No. No you can't. Just because the Kings had ****** years in 1969-1970 or 1996-1997 doesn't mean you can assume they would suck in 2011-2012, as any number of people in this thread have tried to point out to you. You sit there and say people are missing the point, but I get the feeling you don't even read what you write.

I'm not going to sit there and pretend I was predicting the Kings would win the Cup in December. I wasn't. I was pissed like most people here. However, I had high expectations going into the season. Based on your logic, I was an idiot for predicting they would have a good season in the first place because they hadn't accomplished anything ever in franchise history.
Now your changing it around to work for your argument....we all predicted they would have a good season, who was predicting they would win the cup? NOBODY. Why?

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