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11-04-2012, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I believe that this team is so terrible that there's little prospect of cup contention within five years without taking educated risks. I think that playing it safe will get us to 8th place at best.

You can wait to make a trade until after Eller and Galchenyuk have proven themselves a capable #2 and #1, but if you make the trade now you're swining for the fences, because Plekanec should have higher value now, and a prospect now is worth more than a prospect in 2015.

You, on the other hand, hold the team in higher esteem, you believe it is already at the level of a bubble team, and thus a sequence of safe moves should be sufficient to propel us to the next stage.
No, I don't know where our team stands. I just give myself a little wiggle rope.
We made some changes that worsened our roster, however, we have a lot of players that we are counting on to take a bigger role and where they'll be in their progression/development is unsure and unpredictable at this point.

What if DD and MaxPac keep growing to the point of being ppg players? Price and PK solidify themselves as the superstars many fans see in them? Eller finds his new frame to be rather useful during his battles and became more patient with the puck, which improves his decision making? Diaz and Emelin become more comfortable as they keep gaining experience.
Sure, maybe non of those things will happen, but point is it's tough to really evaluate what you have in front of you when a lot of it is resting on the shoulders of youngsters. I mean, if Price alone gets to that next level, we all know how far a goalie can take a team.
I'm not saying we should bank on this to happen, just that I personally would wait longer before moving Plek.

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