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11-04-2012, 05:32 PM
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Who's the boss??

During this whole lock-out saga, I think we really forget who the Boss is in this whole situation. Is it Bettman, the NHL Owners, the head of the Players Union??? NOOO!! Its US...THE FANS!! Being a fan of sports I've learned that the true Boss is the Fans. But its up to the fans to put their foot down and say enough is enough!! We really could stop buying the merchandise. We really could stop buying the tickets...I know I have.
Just sit back and think for just 5 minutes and wonder.... does Gary Bettman really care for me the fan during this situation?? Do the owners like the Jacobs family do?? Cmon people. Don't lose sight of the power you have in this NHL Lockout. Kevin Paul Dupont was asked in his latest interview. Will the fans comeback after this is over?? He went back to the last Lock-out, which was just 8 years ago, and said.."the fans came back then, and they will this time too". Like we're suckers. Knowing that we're gonna say when its over..." Oh Great!! Hockeys back...let me go buy my tickets and pay 100.00 for my seat and watch these players who aren't gonna be in full NHL shape for a few months". "Let me go pay over 200.00 for my favorite players jersey, now that he's back on the ice".
I just wish one time in my life the fans would get serious and put their foot down. WE ARE THE REASON WHY THEY ARE ALL MILLIONAIRES!! And this is the thanks we get. Please

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