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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
It's fair to say K-1 credentials are overrated because arguably the two best MMA fighters/strikers (and champions) are favoured over Overeem/Spong?

Anderson and JDS have never competed in K-1 but it wouldn't be surprising if they won K-1 titles, their striking is that good. Anderson and JDS are also a lot quicker than Overeem and Spong so you have to factor that in as well when talking about their striking.
I guess I just feel like someone from a particular specialization should be able to beat an MMA fighter in it. But that being said, the way MMA is growing the sport is getting some of the absolute best from various backgrounds so I guess it shouldn't surprise me all that much.

I was just curious what people's thoughts were because you'll hear some who feel the level of competition (striking wise) is so much higher in K-1 than MMA that they'd always favor that guy in a stand-up battle, whereas you'll get others who feel Anderson and JDS would likely beat anyone in the world standing.

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