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Originally Posted by SUBdrewgANS View Post
all my lines are set to crash the net.. trust me thats my style of play.. if you dont notice in club games.. (and IRL) when we're in the offensive zone, I always go right to the front of the net and stand there and try to create a screen and get garbage goals.. it's just etched in me to play that way, so naturally I do.

i've cut back on dumping on net in fear of being accused for pulling a Stockey..
I try to also steer away from the high slot shot.. since it seems that also annoys people.. although everyone else still does it..

I do one timers from the point a lot.
I do one times down low near the goal line trying for a rebound out front (it works maybe at a 10% rate)

I just dont know.. the season is still young.. so I'm not gonna stress that much about it, but it's frustrating not getting rewarded for pulling off plays that should work.

Oh and kind of unrelated.. the tripping penalties in this game are ridiculous.. haha I also hate when it's a computer controlled player that gets a penalty and not even me.

EDIT: on a side note.. can you upload created plays to your team?
yes i think you can.

And if you have them all set and you cant score then switch em up. Have you big physical line crash the net, have you skiller players overload and have your 2nd line work the puck behind the net. If your constantly doing the same thing (crashing the net) the cpu will automatically adjust and just shut you down. Mix it up, dump and chase, get in the zone fire it on net, enter the zone and go around the outside and then reverse it back up to the D or send it around the boards to your winger or far Dman. Idk man i cant really talk because i have a hard time scoring as well. Playing against the computer on Superstar doesnt help because well playing CPU and playing an actual user is a night and day difference.

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