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11-04-2012, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Capsman View Post
Danny cannot be that stupid. I doesn't have to be one or the other. I have generally been supportive of the Shanahans but my patience is running thin. The offensive play calling today was atrocious. You have a smart, accurate, and mobile QB, you have an RB running for almost 6 yards a pop, no turnovers, and you struggle this badly to score? I don't care how bad our receivers are, that is on the play calling.

As for the future leadership of this organization, I fire Shanny as President and Allen as token GM. Shanny can leave if he chooses or stay on as coach, if the new GM is willing to keep him on. I then hire an established GM out of work (like Bill Polian) or a highly regarded assistant GM somewhere and get the hell out of his way. While our first round picks have been decent, rounds 2-4 have been generally atrocious. I'm not sure that we have hit on one of them in 3 drafts.
Uncle Vinny toiled quietly when Schottenheimer was brought in and returned after Marty was fired, and Uncle Vinny is toiling quietly again now bidding his time for a return again. If Shanahan and Allen are fired I give it a 50/50 chance Uncle Vinny returns.

In regards to 2-4 round draft picks, lets see:

2nd Round: McNabb = Bust
3rd Round: Jeramy Jarmone = Bust, but he was picked in the supplemental the previous year by Uncle Vinny. Not a Shanahan pick. Traded for Jabar Gaffney.
4th Round: Perry Riley = Starting ILB

2nd Round: Jarvis Jenkins = Starting DE, but appears to be not fully recovered from knee surgery.
3rd Round: Leonard Hankerson = Starter/regular contributor at WR. Still has work to do to be a bonafide NFL WR.
4th Round: Roy Helu = Promising rookie season at RB, but on IR now. Developing into an injury prone 3rd down back.

2nd Round: Traded to Rams for Griffin. Worth it IMO.
3rd Round: Josh LeReibus = Back up guard who has been active for some games. Still up in the air.
4th Round: Kirk Cousins = Back up QB to Griffin. Played well in pre-season, evaluation incomplete.
4th Round: Keenan Robinson = Back up ILB and valuable special teams contributor.

Trading a 2nd round pick for McNabb was a complete bust, but I think its fair to say that Shanahan's 2-4 round picks are far from atrocious.

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