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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Maybe so, but in general (not just hockey), the Olympics stand out. You could probably find some guys in grass skirts deep in the Congo who have still heard of the Olympics... or some Eskimoes who have never heard of Mario who know what they Olympics are.

I'm just saying, for a player who had never played in the Olympics, who had a chance to play the next year in the first best-on-best Olympic hockey tournament, with the chance for Canada to win its first gold medal hockey since the 50s... well, it seems like that would be a lot to pass up for a player if he really thought he could play another season.

Maybe it wasn't important to him, maybe he thought Canada would win in a cakewalk, maybe he just wanted to be with his family or had a critical top secret mission to attend to... IDK, I was just curious after thinking about it.
There is some truth to this, I think. Roy and Bourque both skipped out on Canada Cups but went to the 1998 Olympics. That may be partially due to the timing of those respective tournaments, but who knows. Obviously Roy's interest waned by 2002.

One thing that I disagree with though is that the players cared about the long gap between Olympic gold medals. I honestly never met a person who cared about how long Canada had gone without gold in Olympic hockey prior to 1998 when the best Canadians actually started going.

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