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Speaking of atrocious 2-4 round draft picks, I give you the 2nd Vinny Cerrato era:

2002 Draft:
2nd Round: Ladell Betts = Good back up RB and 3rd down back. Should of be given a shot to be starter over trading for Clinton Portis.
3rd Round: Rashad Bauman = CB that did nothing of consequence as a Skin.
3rd Round: Cliff Russell = Played 2 years for the Skins. Labeling him a journeyman WR is generous.
4th Round: No pick

2003 Draft: Skins had only a 2nd, 3rd, and 7th round pick this year.
2nd Round: Taylor Jacobs = Hung around as a WR, but nothing special.
3rd Round: Derrick Dockery = Had a nice NFL career as a Guard.
4th Round: No pick

2004 Draft: Skins had only a 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th round picks this year.
2nd Round: No pick
3rd Round: Chris Cooley = Good career as an NFL TE
4th Round: No pick

2005 Draft:
2nd Round: No pick - pick was traded the year before to get 3rd to select Cooley.
3rd Round: No pick - Part of trade to move up to pick Jason Campbell in the 1st round.
4th Round: Manuel White = RB of no consequence. Maybe a good special teams player.

2006 Draft:
2nd Round: Rocky McIntosh = Average NFL LB
3rd Round: No pick
4th Round: No pick - traded the year before to move up to pick Jason Campbell

2007 Draft:
2nd Round: No pick - Traded the year before to move up to pick Rocky McIntosh
3rd Round: No pick - Traded to DEN, was part of the DJ Duckett trade.
4th Round: No pick

2008 Draft:
2nd Round: Devin Thomas = Think he is a club dancer in NYC now
2nd Round: Fred Davis = Potential to be a pro-bowl TE. Currently on IR
2nd Round: Malcolm Kelly = Injury plagued WR, retired
3rd Round: Chad Reinhart = Backup OL with the Bills
4th Round: Justin Tryon = Special teams player/back up CB with Giants

2009 Draft:
2nd Round: No pick
3rd Round: Kevin Barnes = CB traded to Detroit. Skins could use him right about now
4th Round: No pick

Vinny Cerratto ran this team into the ground from 2002 to 2009. The proof is listed above. Out of 23 picks between the 2nd and 4th round maybe 6 picks turned out to be bonafide NFL players. 6 out of 23 picks. Hell the 2008 draft is the only draft between 2002 and 2009 where the Skins picked players in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds. Let that sink in.

It is because of the futility I listed above that I long for Shanahan to hang around. Not because Shanahan won 2 SB's, but because Shanahan at least has a clue of how to manage the draft and an NFL roster. I cannot bear the thought of Vinny Cerratto returning to the front office of the Skins, and if Shanahan gets run out of town the return of Uncle Vinny is a real possibility.

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