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11-04-2012, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post

It wouldn't matter if anyone was open, anyway. Eli would simply over throw them. He's been doing it for over a month now. He's been horrendous. Why the **** can't anyone mention how bad he's been without you injecting, "OH, BUT THE RECEIVERS!!!111" afterwards? Eli has been atrocious. You are ridiculous. You can't simply admit that Eli has been terrible. The dude has been garbage for over a month now.
Problem is, I have mentioned Eli has played like an idiot before. In this game, the only time a receiver was genuinely open was with Bennett close to the goal line. As a matter of fact, Eli could have ran it in for the TD himself. And he also threw a boneheaded pick.

Again, who kept getting carries? Did you like how our special teams played today? How'd do you like the inclusion of Diehl? 3rd and 9 and the D can get the ball back and what do they do? Leave a receiver wide open. Or how about that brainfart for 51 yard touchdown?

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