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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post

You argued earlier that PP points and opportunities afforded to top tier players could be one of the main reasons why top tier scoring hasn't decreased by any where close to the same as other tiers have decreased.
I just showed that not only is that not a possible conclusion but the data actually shows that top tier players should have experienced a drop because of the decrease in PP opportunities and PP goals that have actually decreased by more than total goals have.

This theory of cause is dead, move on.
You showed that there were fewer PPs (and % of PP goals) in 2012 vs. 1985. Other than that, nothing was proved.

I think this is becoming a wild goose chase, but if you are truly curious, I will try my best to address possible reasons for changes between seasons. If so, then define the following:

- the exact seasons you want to compare
- the exact tiers you want to compare across those seasons (and provide the data by tier that you want explained)

Keep it simple, and I'll try to do this once, purely as an example. I thought we were talking about eras (large groups of seasons) before, not two specific seasons compared to each other.

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