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11-04-2012, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
Just an update on these two identical created players. One went to Winnipeg, one went to Montreal. I've not touched anything with them as I have neither.

Both players played 2 years in CHL
Both players have played 2 years in the AHL
One player far outweighs the other in statistics.
Both players heading into the NHL are 81 ovr.

Every year they've been their ovr has been the same.

I also have a five year running spreadsheet on players drafted on my own team. Everything is pretty standard no matter how I've tried to progress them. Im in 2019 now and Im going to start a new 5 year spread sheet and compare them.

Still going with complete randomness..
If it was complete randomness, then you would see completely divergent paths between the two prospects. The fact that they had the same type of growth in OVR every single season points more towards the direction as things being pre-determined, and with a possibility of statistical based growth.

One prospect having an advantage in statistics doesn't completely remove the possibility that they affect player growth. It could simply be that NHL statistics are taken into account. There is also the possibility that it's not based on absolute stats, but it could be looking at something like production per minute of ice-time, or even a combination of both. It also depends on what their starting attributes were. If both players had good to high offensive attributes, it could be that it's their improvements in defensive abilities that is driving their overall growth, in which case maybe you're looking at the wrong statistics.

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
TBH, the seeming "randomness" of it all makes me enjoy the experience a little more. In the real world, prospect growth really can be almost random.

Can you imagine any sim engine that would have predicted that could have predicted a few years ago that Tim Thomas would grow into an elite goalie and Steve Mason would be a backup? Or that Hedman would seem so "meh" after three years in the league? Real GMs have to face that kind of randomness, and I kind of prefer that experience to one that can be easily gamed.
The only problem right now is that there appears to be no randomness to begin with. That's why it is better to get Galchenyuk rather than Yakupov. Or even better than that, go after Gaunce, Bartschi or Huberdeau. Consistently across the board, people are seeing the exact same development from recognizable names. Mind you, further on in GM mode where the draft picks are randomly generated, it might be more difficult to predict, but at least in the first few seasons, there is nothing random at all.

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