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11-04-2012, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by The Last Dynasty View Post
Honestly, if half this stuff is true, you have to wonder how he's been employed for so long.

Combine both of the articles and it paints quite a disturbing picture. We basically see a man who wasn't fully committed to the team. If Kavis was doing a lot of day-to-day stuff, it leaves him very stretched with regards to his duties as a coach. Then add to the fact he had to take over partially as OC.

Out of all the things mentioned as to why Tillman was fired, I think the one that gets me the most is the whole "wanted the Toronto job and preparing himself for it" or whatever. Alot of things (ego etc.) I could've lived with if he brought success to the Eskimos, but him using this franchise as a launch pad for the Toronto job is despicable. If Rhodes knew about this, why the hell was he hired for so long? Your GM should be 100% committed to the franchise he works for. Not having an eye on the job he wants in the future.

If these issues are true, then canning Tillman was the right move. I also think then it shouldn't end with Tillman alone. If he is as bad as these to articles say he is, then why exactly was he allowed to be employed for so long?

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