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11-04-2012, 08:46 PM
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Just on the 'well if you want that, and will agree to that, why not offer that in the negotiations?'

I think we all know how a negotiation works and we know how the NHL (and PA) are operating in this negotiation (which i don't think is unique in any way).

Should they come out and offer precisely what they want out of a new CBA, and lets say it's in line with what was mentioned in the article, then the NHL will use that merely as there new starting point for negotiations, and demand further concessions from that proposal so as to come to a deal. They won't just say fine. Then when the PA reject it due to it being below what they want, the NHL can come out and say they aren't negotiating in good faith. They made an offer and refuse to budge from that.

It only makes logical sense and is in your best interest to make an offer that you know you can make concessions on, as both sides have done.

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