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Originally Posted by krazy kanuck View Post
Fair enough. I would argue that a 5 minute penalty is hardly punishment at all. But if we agree it is not within the rules, does that not mean that it is not part of the game?
Not within rules and not part of the game are two different things to me. While hooking, slashing, fighting, etc are all penalties, they are a part of hockey, to some extent. Taking a rope off the bench and hog-tying someone isn't (if you know that reference, props!).

Getting hit by a 100 mph fastball in the head will likely do more damage than "stickwork" in hockey. Tell someone in a bar in Queens NY that baseketball isn't a contact sport, and you might get laughed at. Tell someone in Glasgow, Scotland that soccer isn't a contact sport, and said you like fights, right?
Getting hit by a 100mph fastball does more damage than some stickwork, but not all. Just as Donald Brashear. You have a 6'4 220lb guy coming at you to cross-check you in the throat, chances are it's going to do some damage.

Basketball is not meant to be a body-checking sport. That's what I mean by contact. Sure, bodies are going to collide, but you're not doing it intentionally like you are in hockey. Soccer is a similar way. If you run and shoulder-check a guy in soccer, you're going to get a yellow card. In hockey, it's commonplace.

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