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Originally Posted by KnightRanger View Post
I couldn't agree more.....

Anyone watch the game tonight?? Can someone explain to me how Murphy can be part of the equation to let Owen Sound get back into this game while they were down 5 on 3 late in the 3rd and trailing by two, then be completely responsible for the game tying goal and then play the rest of the game??????? Murphy should have sat out the rest of the game after the game tying goal. But what does Spott do??? Puts him right back out on the ice and does not take him off for more than 25 seconds for the remaining 9 minutes of the hockey game. Can you possibly send a worse message to a kid that turns the puck over all the time???

How do the other "D" on the bench feel???

Sure he scores the game winner....but with all the time they spent on the power play in that game, someone was bound to! And then some moron makes him the 3rd star of the game??????? Rangers should have won 2-0! I wonder if that point will come back to haunt the Rangers later! Time will tell.

IMO Spott is the most over rated coach in the CHL. I just don't get what he has done to deserve the recognition that he gets. What makes him a premier coach in this league? What has he won?? What great trades has he made??

This is not minor hockey.....Captain of your team or not, if a player makes a mistake like Murphy did in that game, it has to be addressed. Not only for him, but for the entire team. I believe the reason Murphy coughs the puck up so much, is because he's allowed to. It would not have been the same tonight if Deboerr was behind the bench!!!

I think Spott's signed until 2017 or 2018.....anyone know if he has a "no trade" clause???? lol
ya I just finish watching the game, in a nut shell I'm very satisfied with the outcome. If anybody should be upset at a captain I would say Owen Sound's captain had a terrible game. He was on the ice for both goals and very poor effort on his part, not to mention all the bad penalties he got.

I'm happy with the outcome though. The Attack were on a long road trip, 3 games in a row, were woken up and kicked out if bed at 5 am Saturday morning with a false fire alarm to boot, were down 2 goals in the 3rd, spent practically all of the 3rd and OT period in the box, were down 5 on 3, and 4 on 3 way too long, and still manage to take a point. Lots of character on the team... love it. Powerplays were 11-3 for Kitchener.

As far as Murphy for the part your questioning, he was beaten by Brace and really had no choice. The bad part was ruling a penalty shot when it should've been a 2 minute minor. It was a good penalty to take after the facts. Brace is not the guy you want to leave alone with your goalie. The coach probably seen it this way too.

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