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11-04-2012, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
I understand why he wasnt selected. Im stating I don't agree with it.

Because he has been charged does not make him guilty of anything.

Having him play in the subway series is not a distraction to anyone unless they choose to make it a distraction. He is a fine hockey player, is eligible for the WJHC, and leads the league in points.

For all we know charges will be dropped at his hearing on the 5th.

If he can play for the Greyhounds and wear an OHL sweater (at the OHL's discretion), not sure what the difference is in playing in the Subway series....

The Steve Downie incident, while a hockey incident, also cost his OHL team $35,000 and his manager his job, not so soft in the end. While Cousins incident is legal, like I said, could result in nothing, or wrongly accused etc, and he misses his opportunity to fight for a spot on his nations roster because of it. Alternatively, could be opposite, from a legal perspective. Thats why the justice system exists, you are innocent unless proven guilty. This is a case of Hockey Canada and the OHL deciding its okay for a player accused of a crime to play in their league, but not to fight for a roster spot on their countries team? Seems a little juvenile.
It could absolutely be a distraction. Cousin's isn't exactly known for a glowing personality (He's had a lot of issues with teammates in the past) and something like this is absolutely a distraction, because every player knows about it. Even if Cousin's was well behaved, it could affect the locker room and you can't have that.

Thing is, even if he's innocent, does it really matter? Usually in cases like this, we here denials, teams defending their players, didn't get that with Cousins. The team made him and the others go to councelling for it, and let him back on the team because what reason as they going to use to keep him off? This isn't the NCAA where they can just kick any player off without a reason (The sexual assualt incidents last year in the NCAA for example).

Back to really can't lay the full blame. The coach was fired not because of Downie but because he allowed that culture of hazing to foster. And besides, we usually only get the story of poor Aliu being beat up by big bad Downie but Aliu's been known for his own issues beyond Downie and by the time we found out it wasn't all Downie's fault the story had blown over and no one really remembers that it wasn't like Downie was the bully trying to get some 16 year old to take part in a hazing incident.

Cousin's situation is completely different. Plus, another difference would be personality. Downie was considered one of those "love to have him on your team, hate to play against him". Cousin's reputation around the league is more like both of one of those.

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