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11-04-2012, 09:50 PM
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Deadlight - 6.5/10

The game itself is pretty cool but the PC version is really bugged. The game will crash randomly whenever you try to pause it and the audio will cut out in cutscenes. The story line was pretty cool and the artwork was great as well as the platforming and combat. I liked how it was a zombie game where you were better off manipulating how stupid zombies are instead of just running around killing all of them. The main reason the game scored as low as it did for me was the annoying bugs for the PC version and the ending. For those who don't care about spoilers or already beat the game, my problem with the ending is:

They never really explain who you are and it was kind of cool running through some dreams and realizing you were a cop that ended up sacrificing your family so they wouldn't become zombies. But the fact that you tell Shannon not to give up and make this big speech about moral choices and that you should fight to live, only to ****ing feed yourself to zombies when there was a perfectly good escape route available? WTF kind of ending is that?!

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