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Originally Posted by JetsFlyHigh View Post
Its funny cause you still ignore the fact that Atlanta only has +300K generated revenue per game, while Winnipeg has +1.4K. Still ignore the fact that, not only people in Winnipeg buys ST, but people from Northwestern Ontario, Saskatchewan, even Minnesota and North Dakota. So a small Canadian city doesn't only attract people from the city limits but around the REGION too.
And so do other big league markets in places like Carolina. Cross regional support is a must. If you think the pittance you get from outside your region is the reason you're more successful than Atlanta, then you're just wrong.

You're comparing a team that had a decade to screw up its relationship with the fans with one that hasn't had a chance to screw that relationship up at all yet. It's kind of apples and oranges. Put Winnipeg in the same financial sinkhole the franchise was in when in Atlanta, and they don't make 1.4M/game, even with Kuhnaydyunfanz.

This is relevant because much of the sweetheart deal the Jets are getting right now is centered around the goodwill of the town with the current ownership. That dynamic won't stay that tight forever -- conflicts inevitably emerge between team and town, especially when public funding is involved. Even if by some miracle they don't, sooner or later, that ownership will change. If your situation right now is ideal for the Jets as I believe it is likely to get, and you're still just about breaking even, then I pretty much rest my case.

TL ; DR -- let's see what the Winnipeg situation looks like in 5 years before stating anything with that kind of confidence.

So I don't know about you, but I'd take that as a STATEMENT. Same with QC, because not only the Habs and Nordiques rivals, but they hate each other like heck. Even if QC doesn't have a team, they still boo habs fans, and if they did move on, there wouldn't be any hardcore nordiques fans existing after 14 years of no NHL hockey. Atlanta have been tried, Phoenix too. Guess what after 16 years, did it turn a dime? There's common sense in business and its supply and demand. I guess in sports demand means the population, and not the NEED of a certain group.
It means both. The problem is that you're fixated so much on what for a complete lack of anything resembling the word I want to say I'll grudgingly call "quality" you're ignoring the question of quantity altogether. Sure there's rabid fans in Quebec. No one doubted their existence, Is there enough of them to support a team to the cap floor when the town is in the financial crapper, the team is out of favor with most medium-core fans, and the ownership sucks?

Because if you can't do that, then it may be 5, 10, or 20 years, any team you put in Quebec City is eventually going to move.

If you depend on the goodwill of a large portion of your small population to allow your team to exist, eventually it won't. No team stays at the peak of fan interest indefinitely. Go to a big city and you can achieve the same success much easier by playing the law of averages because you don't NEED that kind of rabidity to keep the barn just as full..

Not to say Atlanta didn't horribly bungle that with the Thrashers -- but that's the point. They bungled it. That wasn't a normal situation in a big American market. That was Atlanta at its worst. Any ownership that handled a team as badly as the Thrashers did is going to run into the same problem, no matter who that team is and what market it plays in.

The problem with some people is, they keep on saying "big TV deals" but guess what? It doesn't exist, and as far as the demand goes viewers in some markets doesn't really match the so called "tv deals" they are bragging about.
Just exactly what in the hell are you talking about? American media dollars have exploded since the big expansion into so-called nontraditional markets. I love how you can manage to try and deny that with a straight face.

I love it when you think Im a Canadian nationalist, when I clearly support Seattle and the move of the Isles to Brooklyn.
because those moves clearly give the lie to the possibility that someone can be a Canadian nationalist. You're speaking from emotion and not from logic, and quite frankly you're in the process of making a fool of yourself.

Some people assume that just cause you're Canadian means you can't appreaciate American hockey markets.
And just exactly who said that? I'm calling you out here. Specific quotes, properly cited, right here, right now.

The thing is, as a HOCKEY fan, I know where hockey works and hockey doesn't or if it does work, its not an NHL team fit in that market, but a lower caliber AHL team.
One more time, en anglais, s'il vous plait.

Goes back to the Cuba soccer scene vs NYC soccer scene, sure NY could draw lots of fans, but does it match a soccer nation? Nope.

Culture and location is looked at first, before money and potential. Thats how you grow a business
Actually, the New York Red Bull alone outgrossed the Cuban soccer leagues this year. So take that passion and culture and put it in the appropriate location.

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