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11-04-2012, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
That no one GM is ever solely responsible for results in any given year, even in rare cases from almost a century ago, because any move is impacted by previous ones and impacts future ones.

I don't insult anybody. I point out their faulty points and stances, of which there are plenty.

First one being that his salary is irrelevant, and not even accurate.

Through black and white glasses, without looking at reality or the big picture.

I never said this is a great team right now. Didn't even say Burke was a great GM. Burke also never said he disrespects people who take 5+ years.

Your faulty stances don't affect me at all. I am simply here to spread knowledge and actual facts, and what they mean in both the small and big picture.

I don't care at all what fans of other teams think we are, and I know that HFboards is not a representation of widespread opinion.

No, I think people like you are against us, and enjoy trolling us.

I don't think we are amazing right now. I think we are on the right path.

Oh, you guys go so much further than to say we have been kinda crappy over the last little while. That is the problem.

The "no playoffs in 7 years" thing also means so very little. It's a hype phrase. Those are the kinds of "facts" people like you like to use, without looking at the actual facts, context, reasons, or the big picture.
You were wrong and I proved it....GM/owner for 30 years, with many cups all as a result of the one GM.

Call me a liar is not an insult....or calling people trolls who do not agree with you are not insults. You referred to me as a child....

The fact that we have not made the playoffs for 7 years is a it or not. What is the big picture.....Burke states that he can turn this team around in a hurry and sets out to do so....he failed and you want us to believe that we should cut him some slack.

We are not in my opinion on the right path....if we were on the right path we would have some stability between the pipes. We would currently have a number one center on our roster or in our system.

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