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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
Here are the numbers for 2006 when the last CBA began

Tampa 172. Today 174
Buffalo 149. Today 173
Carolina 144 Today 169
Nashville 134 Today 163
Florida 142 Today 162
St Louis 150 Today 157
Atlanta 128 today 164
Columbus 139 Today 152
Islanders 140 Today 139
Phoenix 143 Today 134
going back further and further we always have more and more factors that go into this. if we do an indepth look at any one particular situation, we might find a new tv deal or a new merchandising deal took place... or some huge subsidy from the goverment. Of course, the situation for the NHL immediately before this past cba was horrific. the new cba didnt fix the problem enough but it fixed it some. so its not a surprise that values of teams were at a low right at the start of this new cba and a jump in value of some teams can be attributed to this cba.

but then as my list shows... the value rise took place immediately and then stopped.

whatever the reason that the rise happens... it only gets realized if there is an actual sale. otherwise we can say the numbers on paper are whatever they are. These teams are hard to figure out because they are tied to arenas and to media and consessions and naming rights and parking and all sort of other things. Some of this stuff should be included because... that's the way it is. It will continue to be that way. Some other stuff is one time only benefits or costs... is not going to continue into the future...

overall though i will stand my my assessment of valuation for bottom feeder teams if the cba were to continue at a 57% clip without some siginificant changes in the revenue sharing between owners or something else of that sort. the bottom teams are all having massive annual loses and they are getting worst. all the bottom team owners are claiming loses that are astronomical. they are all selling their teams as fast as they can and/or scrambling for investors. and now, they are supporting a lockout. these are all signs that things are not good.

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