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Originally Posted by KingLB View Post
If you take the top 9 picks from last year (your second picks cut off at 10...who isn't a starter but pick 11 is). You see 6 players that are now starters.

With Silva/De Leon/Berry all having near Mattocks like impacts. Same with Hedges at 11. With a few other players later on in the draft having nice impacts as well, like Cascio/Maund/Meyer/Meara (who was a second round pick).

So in conclusion....I think Van could grab a CB and a wide midfielder that can compete for starting spots day one with their picks.
Silva isn't a starter! and it's TFC. Berry, De Leon and Mattocks are the only ones who are "starters". Wenger = couple years away, Townsend = a forward on a Chivas team that have NOTHING for offense except Angel, Sam Garza = good player but hasn't started a game AFAIK, Jean-Baptiste = one of the main reason's Portlands defense was getting carved up the last 1/3 of the season (well... this is based on about 3 Portland games I saw... but he wasn't MLS ready get from what I did see), Berry = great player but Friedrich provided TONS of support for him (though Berry has to be considered a 'impact' player), Ethan Findlay I haven't heard much from since the draft so I'm assuming he hasn't done much this year.

ALL these players should be, at some point, good players in MLS (or elsewhere) but not often in their draft year, though as you point out, there are some good players that have established themselves already.

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