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11-04-2012, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
ESPN has:

1. Klein
2. Te'o
3. Barner
4. McCarron
5. Miller

Why the hell is Te'o even up here? Plenty of other LBs and DLs have similar, if not better stats. I doubt he'd be up there if he played for any other team.

Same with McCarron. He's good, but not Heisman worthy.

I think Klein's got this one all locked up for now. Hoping that if Manziel has a solid showing against Bama (assuming we lose), he can hop into the top 5, doubt it though. Another freshman QB not getting enough recognition is Mariota. Might just be the system and the weapons around him, but I've always been highly impressed by him every game I've watched. And to think Oregon could've had both of them.
Te'o's constantly the best player on the field and makes incredibly clutch plays. Not to mention, he's leading a top two defensive unit that has talent deficiencies, according to the experts.

Also, he's not just the best player, he's also the team's leader.

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