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11-05-2012, 12:23 AM
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I find it very interesting how good some teams are at scouting certain positions. For instance, the Bombers are not very good at drafting/signing QB's in the last 10 years - granted Glenn was good but I'm not convinced, to me a good solid back up that can step in any time. Buck is good but I think everyones knows where thats going.

Our RB's have actually been okay in the last 10: Roberts was good, Reid was fine, Garrett is the real deal, Simpson proved to be good, and Ford showed he belongs.

Our pass rushers as crazy good, Willis to walls, to Canada, to Hall - Wpg has a knack for this defence.

Secondary is good in Hefney, Subar, and Johnson....some work to be done

Our D and O line need some serious work - pressure from the ends is the most of which I see. It is definitive when a Doug Brown is gone and highlights the deficiencies of others.

Work to be done:

Not saying this because is was all the rave, but Mack needs to go. He couldn't keep Labatte, Willis, Carr (albeit attitude issues and Matthews filled in fine), Lobo, and others. I don't want to sound like an ass but all those guys made marks this year - maybe not career years but good none the less. I get the Lobo, Muamba is a force, but maybe move Lobo like BC did with Bighill and Elimimian.

BC has a kack for QB's for sure. Also mid linebackers and some good secondary.

Seems to me our work def needs to be on our def AND off line. Boatman is NOT a starter, buy is terrible. There is a reason he was cut from the CFL in the past.

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