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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
No team has ever won solely because of one GM.
Ya. Hockey is a team game.

Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
The GMs you named are so ancient that I don't care to look up the specifics, but they had help from previous GMs, of varying amounts, be it direct or indirect.
Oh you mean GMs who didn't benefit from GMs in the past? In that case, Bill Torrey. Torrey was the GM and first employee of the Islanders and was solely (oh right he had assistants ) responsible for Islanders winning 4 consecutive Cups. Burke also names Torrey as his inspiration.

Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
Lol. He said he doesn't respect GMs who say they have a 5-year plan for the sole purpose of buying themselves 5 years of not having to do anything.
That's the problem. It's just Burke opening up his big mouth again and defending his stubborness. It's well accepted that building a competitive hockey team takes time. When Burke got hired Burke talked about time and patience. Nonis' attempt at defending Burke and their work here has been all about that. If you were responsible for hiring a GM back when JFJ got fired, do you hire a guy with a 5 year plan or a guy who didn't have one? The Leafs were a mess when Burke took over and thinking that Burke can somehow turn the Leafs into a competitive winning team in less years than almost everyone believed is just stupidity. But the reality is that Burke was just speaking out of his ass. He never actually put a timeframe on when his team will become competitive. He only said he doesn't believe in 5 year rebuilds for whatever it's worth.

Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
I never said Burke isn't accountable. However, just saying "has he made the playoffs?" is a short-sighted evaluation process.
I don't necessarily disagree with you here but Burke was given 6 years and what appears to have been full autonomy to do his job. If this team doesn't make the playoffs, Burke failed at his job and deserves to be fired and I'm sure Brian Burke will agree with that notion as well. It's life.

But I do think that Burke should be evaluated as a whole with weight given to the direction the team is heading at the end of the contract. But there needs to be results and Burke should not be given a long extension without showing that his blueprint works.

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