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11-05-2012, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Axl Rhoadz View Post
Ok Ron, I finally get it now. It's actually OK to base predictions on past long as its RECENT past performance? Cool, my bad.

So, then, Button's assessment back in December of the Kings being SC contenders was pretty spot on based on the previous years performance?
Basing it on recent past performance makes sense because it is essentially the same players and team. How can you not see the difference? The Kings should have a low GAA next year because they have the same top 5 defence and top 3 goalie as last year, not because Vishnovsky had a good year in 2006

Not many, if any people predicted the Blackhawks would contend for the cup in 2010-2011 even though they won the cup the year before.

The team part of it is actually irrelevant. You look at the performance of individual players in recent years combining to make the team. Since if the Jackets this year traded for all of the star players in the league, they would be favourites despite being worst last year

Can't believe i actually took the time to reply to what just has to be a troll post

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