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11-05-2012, 03:39 AM
Bob Stauffer
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"Are The Golden Bears Back"

I went to the Golden Bears game against Mount Royal Satuday night.
It was total domination.
Ian Herbers has the requisite buy-in from his players that has been absent from the program the last several years.
The numbers speak for themselves.
The Bears have outscored their opponents 49-19 through 10 games.
They are actually better than the 7-3 record indicates, as they have badly outshot their opponents in three one-goal losses; including both games in Saskatoon against the #1 ranked Huskies.
If you focus on the "process" instead of the "results" the Bears are clearly headed in the right direction.
IMO Alberta is getting close to being back to where it was in 2004-05 in Rob Daum's last season before heading to the AHL.
Eric Thurston inherited Rob's team and Rob's recruits in August of 2005 (goaltender Aaron Sorochan and offensive center Dylan Stanley) and won National titles in 2006 and 2008.
Eric is a nice guy and from afar his record was pretty good- 2 National Titles/5 Conference Titles in 6 years-but the Bears have been in decline for several seasons.
Ian Herbers has changed a hurry.
The Bears are not a big team nor are they overly gifted upfront, but they are tenacious, relentless and committed.
The biggest surprise has to be ACAC-transfer Torrie Dyck.
Dyck is the only Bears forward in their top 12 who did not play in the WHL but he has added some skill and finesse, and is playing like a man trying to prove that he belongs on every shift.
So for that matter are all the other Bears.
This is a total contrast to the self-entitled attitude of SOME of the Golden Bears players in the last five years.
I am not talking about the top end guys like Derek Ryan (who is leading the Austrian League in scoring) or Chad Klassen, Eric Hunter or Jesse Gimblett (who in fairness Thurston helped to make a better player)...but moreso the soft 3rd and 4th liners who were exposed a couple of seasons ago when New Brunswick rolled into and over Alberta in Edmonton.
Huge weekend coming up with a home-and-home with the Calgary Dinos.
Can't wait for the Huskies visit to Edmonton in early January.


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