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11-05-2012, 07:25 AM
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I'm thinking I'm headed into Jarick's preference area, though currently I cycle:

SE16 Grip, 85 flex + Kremlin blade
Inno Maniac, 95 flex Kovi curve
Warrior Dolomite, 85 flex Smyth curve
Warrior Dolomite, 100 flex + Malkin pro stock blade
SE16, 100 flex + Saprykin pro stock dolo blade

I love the Smyth pattern, but the blade is really thick and just feels weird to me - I rarely use this twig. I like the Dolos over the Easton (Shape especially) but I chop all of my sticks by 2/3" so they're all a little too stiff ( I can flex them, but it's a workout).

My favorite is probably the Inno - the cheapest one - but it's far too stiff. I cut the shaft to about 54.5" (To the heal) and it's perfect height, I like the blade (Similar to P88, I like the feel as well), but it plays like a 110 flex stick. One timers are pretty nice when I load them up, but my snapshot game is non-existent.

I move my lower hand a little - I never developed an effective snap shot, so it's a small wind-up or load the gun. I'm thinking Nexus maybe?

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