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11-05-2012, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by WetHog View Post
Have you been living in a hole the last week, or lose power from Sandy? The local media has been anything but a mouth piece for Shanahan. It was all doom and gloom after the Steelers game. And now we will have 2 weeks of the same.

As for a buttkicking, I didn't see that, but what else is new in regards to me not agreeing with you. My definition of a butt kicking is that Monday Night game against the Eagles last year or the year before where Vick and friends completely lit up Landry and the Skins Defense. I saw a Skins team that beat itself today with piss poor defense and undisiplined play that led to multple bad penalties that took TD's off the board or stopped drives. Play calling, especially that Griffin sweep to the short side of the field on 4th and goal, was piss poor as well. A total team loss.

In regards to Shanahan, well yes I would say his seat is starting to get warm. He called out his defense last week to step it up and they didn't even come close. And the bad penalties, especially procedure penalties, fall on him as the HC. So his leadership of his team is in question. If he can't get his team to respond and play with disipline that is not a good sign.

I've said it before and I will say it again, be careful what you wish for in regards to wanting Shanahan fired. There is a very real possibility if Shanahan gets the boot that Uncle Vinny returns, and if he does you can forget about the Skins ever competing for anything but top 5 picks for the foreseable future.

Ultimalety though I think Shanahan sees the end of his 5 year deal.
The media is only now starting to change it's tune. As usual, with a couple wins here or there, things are all wine and roses and there is playoff talk in the air. Give RG3 the ball and this team will go places. Well like many of us expected, teams eventually will start finding ways to defend him, and then what happens? The Shanahans as usual have no backup plan. Hey let's throw another screen pass...

That was a butt kicking, even you aren't that optimistic. It was 21-6 before a very late TD that took them how many extra plays and crucial seconds off the clock? The Panthers had not one but two 90+ yard drives for scores. Carolina managed to keep the great RG3 and the Shanahans out of the end zone despite having first and goal from the 3. Four tries, and they couldn't find a way to get it in. That to add insult to injury, Carolina then did one of their 90 yard drives. Like I said, it was 21-6until a practically meaningless late TD. Great onsides kick too, right to the Panthers. This team literally does nothing right. And this was at home.

All of what you say about Shanahan "now" is what I've been saying for 2 years. The team is undisciplined, looks unprepared, they can't block or tackle, play defense or do anything even remotely average. His idiotic post game comments should only dig his grave faster. I'm sick of his "we'll evaluate players" nonsense. Or his "we need more time to build this thing." Luck and the Colts who were horrid last season are 5-3. And Luck is doing a lot more than throwing screen passes all day. The Niners last year went from awful to a division winner overnight. This team still is showing no signs of even a little bit of improvement.

I could care less who comes in after these clowns. I've said all along that under Snyder this franchise is going nowhere. Shanahan was supposed to be the big fix, but the team looks awful most Sundays, his drafts have been mediocre at best and his FA signings have stunk for the most part. But thankfully, finally the media is starting to get it, if this morning's radio shows and Post articles are any indication.

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