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11-05-2012, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by bidzey View Post
I beg to differ... Even if they played in the same city 2 nights in a row it doesn't change the amount of distance they travelled. It probably would've been easier if the second game of the road trip wouldv've been half way up back to Kitchener, breaking the long haul into 2 days instead of them travelling the whole distance in 1 shot, just to meet a team that never lost at home yet. That's why they played them back to back because of how far it is.

As far as them playing a soft team, that is not true. First it doesn't matter who they play, I watched every Owen Sound game to date except for 1 (listen on the radio) and I have not seen any player take a break on any given shift yet. The team is where they are because the player always give 110% every shift. Erie was not a push over, the score was decieving. Erie even out played Owen Sound for a couple of periods. It's their 110% that they commited to for 60 minutes that gave them their results.

that my story and I'm sticking to it
I see where you are coming from in a regard, but you are spreading it on thick.

Yes, Kitchener should not have gifted to Attack a point last night.

A 3 in 3 is tough for any team, I'll give you that, but dont try and milk it because they drove to Erie and played two games. It would be worse had they done the Saginaw, Soo, Sudbury trip, or even the Eastern swing. Could very well have played at 2pm sunday as well!

It's Owensounds fault they took so many Penalties, and Kitcheners fault for not putting the game out of reach when they had the opportunities.

All I'm hearing is excuse after excuse for why the Attack lost, and no admission that Kitchener outplayed them from puck drop. It is what it is, who cares. Kitchener plays their 4th in 6 on tuesday, does this mean that if they play like a bunch of nancies its okay? Not a chance, I as a fan, and the coaches and the players alike, expect to see the same effort and drive in game 1 of the season through game 68, no nights off. Period.

It may be a win for Kitchener, but it feels like a loss. I imagine that Loss for OS feels like a win.

The good news for Kitchener is that they are 1 point behind Guelph with a game in hand, and within reach of Owensound, all the while Guelph and OS are being touted as the top teams, and Kitchener as being an under performer to date.

Glad to see that all the while under performing, they are still in the hunt. Love to see what they look like when they are considered a top team, considering they are at the top still while underperforming.....

Time to acquire a little help offensively and see where that takes us. The 2nd PP unit needs a boost!

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