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11-05-2012, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Lay Z Boy GM View Post
They're at the right pace now for sure. It's also nice to see that even though it's following the comics, things are different. For guys like me that read a bunch of the comics it's nice, I'm still getting surprised.
i'm really trying hard not to be one of "those guys", in regards to changes from the comic book.... BUT.... haven't you noticed that literally *every* change they have made from the comic book has been a change for the worse? whenever they do something that has the same outcome, but happened differently in the comic, i ask myself which version would have been better on the screen... each and every time the comic book comes out on top

last nights episode was a perfect example... the comic book death of the characters is more random and shows how a zombie apocalypse would actually be, but last nights death was just overly-dramatic and just TOO OBVIOUSLY a writers effort at generating empathy for a character everybody hated

the tv show is good, but every time they change something, they make it worse

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