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11-05-2012, 08:29 AM
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Chan do I say this nicely....JUST SUCKS!

Lets NOT run the ball all 2nd half in a close game, yet it's the teams strength

Lets NOT try and really get TJ Graham involved

Lets NOT do some Texans like Play Action(I think they called PA once and it worked!)

Lets NOT go for it on 4th and short multiple times.

If you ever need a Monday morning pick me up listen to WGR @ 7AM. Chan Gailey is a riot to listen to, but not because he's funny....


As for the game as a whole, they actually didn't play bad. They lost it in the RedZone. 3 TD's vs 3 FG's

The D still ooked very soft at times but they did hold Houston in check for the most part...CHAN LOST IT!!!!!


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