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11-05-2012, 08:40 AM
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This has been a ridiculous controversy for 2 days now, with people arguing back and forth under article after article about who's to blame for the hit:

There's about an even split, with around 50% of people blaming Chára & 50% blaming Šatan, and the split is not along the Slovan/non-Slovan fan dividing line. Even hardcore Slovan fans can't agree on this one. Many people simply dislike the North-American "tough" brand of hockey as illustrated by Chára's hit here. Some people fear that the hit may even have negative repercussions for Slovakia's national team. Which would be too bad, considering Chára & Šatan have won so much together while playing on the same team (including the Boston Bruins), such as the silver medal at the most recent World Championships back in May, and both have served as Slovakia team captains in multiple events over many years across 2 decades.

Another interesting thing about that latest YouTube clip: bilingual hockey broadcast. I think that, until Slovan Bratislava & Lev Prague joined the KHL, there have been no multilingual hockey broadcasts for the participating teams. It's usually just 1 language: Russian OR Latvian. And in the NHL, Montreal gets both a French and an English language feed. But here for the Lev vs. Slovan game, you had a pair of announcers: 1 of them (play-by-play) speaking Czech and the other (color) speaking Slovak. Their cooperation was flawless, and they both managed to remain nicely impartial throughout. It was another nice throwback to the "old times" when games played by the national team of Czechoslovakia were always announced on TV and radio by a pair of announcers, 1 Czech & 1 Slovak.

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