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11-05-2012, 08:42 AM
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I don't see how the Skins franchise compares to the 49ers or Colts. The 49ers were **** for years but drafted well and only needed a coach that knew how to coach. They have that in Jim Harbaugh. The Colts were **** last year because they lost their HOF QB for the year and they had a backup that was worse than John Beck. Now they have a rookie QB that is the real deal and internal motiviation to play for their HC who is fighting cancer. Also a different scenario then what the Skins are dealing with.

The post of mine above listing the Skins 2-4 round drafting during Vinny Cerrato's run as GM should say it all. 6 players out of 23 possible picks that had any kind of NFL career. Add to it bull **** FA policies that saw past their prime FA get signed to cap crippling contracts and you have a Skins franchise that needed a complete rebuild that will take more than 3 years.

Ultimately though Shanahan is at a crossroads, IMO. The team is not showing improvement over last year at this point. That falls on Shanahan's shoulders. I wasn't expecting playoffs this year, but I was expecting to see this team compete at a high level based on their talent level. I saw that in the beginning of the season, on offense at least, but from the STeelers game to yesterday the Skins have taken a noticable step back.

People can say Shanahan's comments after the game were inappropriate, but I think he was dead on. The team is 3-6 in a division and conference with a lot of good teams. The odds of making the playoffs are slim, so the time now is to evaluate what the team has and make plans for making needed changes in the offseason. Shanahan spoke the truth and I will take the truth over BS any day.

As for not caring who comes in after these clowns get the boot? That is a telling statement. I care if a clown like Vinny Cerrato returns to the front office. Any true Skins fans should care as well. Regardless, absent a complete collapse by the Skins finishing the season Shanahan returns for at least a 4th year.

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