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Originally Posted by HabsByTheBay View Post
Soccer in the US is much, much, much bigger than hockey in the UK. MLS is the third most popular league among US soccer fans and it still blows away hockey. It's just not close.

I played rugby in the US and that's not a bad comparison. Rugby is much more widely played in the US while much less of a spectator sport, but it's that same sort of feeling. Most big cities have a rink, a small shop dedicated to selling the gear, the playing base is very small but pretty enthusiastic, etc. Even has that far-flung Olympic history what with the '36 gold medal and the USA's two golds in rugby.
The MLS is the third most popular league among US soccer fans? What does this exactly mean...

Soccer fans rank MLS the 3rd most in Soccer leagues in the world? Soccer fans in America rank the MLS #3 in pro sports in North America?

the MLS is not ranked #3 in the US or North America for pro team sports. Even the MLS biggest markets are at least #4 ranked in their cities and states for popularity. Hockey is 10x more popular in North America than the MLS... Hockey has always been more popular than Soccer in the US.

And the MLS is not the 3rd ranked soccer league in the world. If United States citizens who LOVE soccer rank MLS the 3rd to watch soccer league in the world, then thats sad for the MLS. You live in a country with a pro soccer league and you still rank 2 or more leagues ahead of you... According to FIFA, the MLS is not even in the top 10.

The UK is not as popular in hockey simply because its not tried to do so. North Americans have tried to bring it over to the UK but its not gaining as much support as they hoped. There not marketing it right, there not believing in it enough. The current Elite league in the UK from what I hear has grown, as every league in the world has in hockey in the last 10 years.

Soccer just dominates the UK and it wont change. Same way hockey dominates Canada. But if they wanted to grow the game in the UK, they have to find better investors.

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