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11-05-2012, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Axl Rhoadz View Post
Ok Ron, I finally get it now. It's actually OK to base predictions on past long as its RECENT past performance? Cool, my bad.

So, then, Button's assessment back in December of the Kings being SC contenders was pretty spot on based on the previous years performance?
"Current performance" takes a lot of factors into account. If you are 4/5 of the way through the season, then yeah, you have a decent idea for the odds of cup contenders. Before the season begins you have to look at management and their performance, which obviously changes vastly when there is a regime change i.e. Taylor managed differently than Lombardi, etc. You can't take in performance if you're talking about information that is outdated and no longer relevant, which would be like saying that something our team did in 2001, performance wise, has any impact on our team's performance today, outside of like drafting, trades, and "what could have been" types of questions.

Button's comment was senseless not because he thought the Kings didn't have a chance at the cup, but because he said they didn't have a chance because they didn't have enough "good defensemen" which flies in the face that defense had been solid for us all year long and has been a shining point for us in immediately recent past season performances with the same personnel. He was just trying to get a talking point in. To him, if you don't have Chara on you're blueline, you're screwed.

As for people picking the Kings, I read on like 5-6 media sources predictions for the Kings to win prior to the season, and throughout the normal media, even in Canada, on the T.V., there would usually be a mention to "not forget the Los Angeles Kings" who recently acquired Mike Richards and Simon Gagne, as well as high expectations from Doughty after his contract extension, etc... Saying no one picked them is misleading. We got a lot of attention at the start of the year.


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