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11-05-2012, 09:51 AM
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I could be mistaken on this because I heard it from somebody, but I heard that Romney wanted to fly into NJ to "survey the damage" with Christie, asked him as such and Christie essentially told him to stay the **** out of NJ, that he didn't want Romney attempting to politicize the tragedy in his state.

Speaking of Christie, I may not like the man, but he really gained my respect. Between Irene and now this, I'm now grateful to have him as our governor. Definitely don't have to like somebody to respect them.
Also, with him and Obama putting party lines aside in order to rebuild this area, it's proof what we can accomplish when we take political parties out of everything and just work together.

This storm brought out the worst in people. But it really brought out the best as well. That's the silver lining I'm finding through all of this suffering and chaos. Never have seen people so willing to help others, just because they want to and because we all have been affected in some way by this storm, some much (MUCH) worse than others.
It's united us.

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