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11-05-2012, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
Romney also held a canned food drive in Ohio that his own aides bought most of the "donations" for. They distributed the goods to supporters arriving at a rally, and directed them to give the goods right back to Romney, creating the appearance of a successful drive for photo ops. This despite the fact that the Red Cross does not accept canned food donations, and prefers money or volunteers instead.
That was exactly the thing I was going to say but self edited. It happened right here in Dayton too.

Ohio, the butt of all jokes for the next 48 hours. :/

As for Romney or Obama going into the disaster areas right now it's idiotic to do that. The security and logistic issues shut down everything and right now they just need to stay the hell away and let recovery happen. Christie actually commented about that in a retort to Giuliani's remarks berating Obama for not being front and center attending to the disaster in person rather than being on the campaign trail the last 4 days.


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