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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
The UK is not as popular in hockey simply because its not tried to do so. North Americans have tried to bring it over to the UK but its not gaining as much support as they hoped. There not marketing it right, there not believing in it enough. The current Elite league in the UK from what I hear has grown, as every league in the world has in hockey in the last 10 years.
Eh? Are you trying to say North Americans introduced ice hockey to the UK? I'm not quite sure how much more wrong you could be, indeed there is a hell of a lot of evidence to point to the Brits inventing the modern version of the sport and spawning its rise in popularity in NA. Great Britain was (I believe) a founder member of the IIHF and teams in the UK have competed since at least 1900, if not earlier.

If you are talking about the modern game (EIHL, EPL etc) then can you point out who these North Americans running the show are? The two biggest teams in UK hockey (Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers) are owned (owners) and run (GMs) by Brits.

Soccer just dominates the UK and it wont change. Same way hockey dominates Canada. But if they wanted to grow the game in the UK, they have to find better investors.
This I agree with, though to be honest it isn't purely a question of investing in the teams, its about investment in the facilities. You'd have to have very deep pockets to fund the building of facilities as well as run a team and I'm really not sure such investors would see a return on such outlay. Hell, soccer teams lose money hand over fist and that is the UK's #1 sport.

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